Carrying out a Blockchain project requires having a good understanding of the workings and limits of Blockchain Technologies and being able to carry out a solid work of reflection before the development phase to ensure that the blockchain transformation will have a real added value.

To meet these requirements, we offer a set of training courses we can deliver in your offices, in our classrooms or online via WebEx / Skype sessions. These courses are led by our Blockchain experts with a dual academic and industrial expertise around this technology.

Do not hesitate to contact us to elaborate a tailor-made training program that will fit your exact needs.

Educational Goals

  • To understand how blockchains work
  • To have a complete view of the field
  • To know how to identify relevant use cases and analyze the interest for an organization
  • To explore the market’s main public or private blockchain platforms’ architectures in depth (Ethereum, Hyperledger)
  • To learn how to develop using the market’s main public or private blockchain platforms

Target Audience

  • Innovation / Digital Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Architect
  • Developer


General knowledge on Computer Science and on the Architecture of Information Systems.

Teaching method

Practical exercises to validate the understanding of the mentioned concepts.

Available Courses

Blockchain Discovery
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Blockchain Expert
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Hyperledger Expert
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Ethereum Expert
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Ethereum Developer
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Hyperledger Developer
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