Strategy & Consulting

Our goal: Helping you anticipate and prepare your Blockchain transformation.

As a consulting partner, K2LIS will help you understand the stakes of working with Blockchains, identify and analyze the use cases for your activities, decipher the market and finally make the right strategic and technological choices.

Adopting the Blockchain technology is an opportunity to rethink one’s organization and processes, and open up to new markets.
Being proactive will allow you to position yourself as a leader in your sector and to avoid falling behind your competitors.

Identifying Blockchain Use Cases

  • Ideation workshops to identify use cases
  • Framing workshops to deepen the understanding of a use case

Engage the Transformation

  • Blockchain Project Framing
  • Blockchainn Project Management

Our Accomplishments

Benchmark Blockchain Platforms
Ravencoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger
Benchmark Security Tokens (STO) Platforms
Polymath, Mt Pelerin
Blockchain Protocol Studies
BTU Protocol, Raven Protocol